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Song Chronology II

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I've updated the list with 'the floor heard everything', Oh, Marcello!, Carefully Laid Plains, and I've also changed/added the dates on Your Honor, Sailor Song, Us, Paris, Dusseldorf, BYOS, Carbon Monoxide, Music Box, the Soup, Dance Anthem, and Ghost of Corporate Future to earlier performances based on the three new shows srg posted.

Um, let me know if I missed something and cookies for srg. Big Grin

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When I look at this list. I feel kinda bad for Regina. If you look at the years before BTH, she was kickin' out songs like crazy. But after BTH, her 'new song' count gets smaller and smaller. I know that she has said in a few interviews that she has been less prolific(sp?) since her push into the spotlight. So thats got to be frustrating.


She is doing what she loves, and as a musician myself, i know that you've got to make sacrifices for the thing you love.

music's a hoe like that.

that's all :]

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Nice work; a few notes:

Eighth Floor 3/13/2002 The Living Room, NY

This was definitely played on 3/8/02 at Fez (no recording, though).

Sunset (for Anders Griffen, All Over the Place) 2002

This wasn't on "All Over the Place", but rather on the much harder to find "Ox"; I believe it was actually recorded live at the Sidewalk Cafe on 2/20/03 (a great show--I think the whole set was recorded professionally, but hasn't surfaced).

Dance Anthem of the 80’s 2/09/2003 Maxwell's Hoboken, NJ

This was debuted a few days before at Fez on 1/27/03 (no recording).

(8/8/2003 Le Figaro Café, NY)

I'm pretty sure there's no recording or setlist of this show (I didn't get either, at least); it's probably just a mislabel of her 8/19/03 show at Sin-é.

Us 2/15/2003 The C-Note, NY

The first time I heard her play this was at the Sidewalk in 2002 (possibly 11/30/02; I'll try to find it again)

Edit 10/15/2004 The Housing Works, NY

Loveology 10/15/2004 The Housing Works, NY

You 10/15/2004 The Housing Works, NY

All were debuted 9/9/04 at the Knitting Factory

Begin to Hope 3/30/2005 The Bowery Ballroom, NY

Debuted 3/24/05 at the North Star Bar in Philly (no recording)

Hotel Song 3/30/2005 The Bowery Ballroom, NY

I remember this was played at either Tonic or Sin-é sometime prior (possibly 1/11/04 at Tonic; again, will try to dig it up)

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Originally posted by sweetness in my lungs:

Originally posted by ThisIsHowItWorks:

^^^ srg, you're incredible.

I have to agree =) your memory... man!

and also TIHIW (jared is it...?) you've got three eyes :P ^^^

Haha those are supposed to represent eyes? I had no idea! Thanks for telling me.

And yeah, its Jared. Smiler

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