Regina Song Showdown!

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daniel cowman


i cut off my hair

p.s. Just curious, do people usually have a "winner" in mind when they post the next "contestants" in the game? Do you pick songs that are similar/different in your mind, or are your choices random? I'm just wondering. If that's a stupid question, just ignore it Razzer)

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Patron Saint

Patron Saint vs. Sailor Song

(I always pick songs as contestants which come to mind when I think about the last winner (in this case: Patron Saint). Sometimes they have something to do with each other (e.g. Hero + Bartender) or their names/lyrics are similar (Sunset + Sunshine / Better + Fidelity (the "better" part)) and sometimes there isn't even a real connection; it's just that I think these songs somehow belong together... I'm weird, aren't I? :P

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