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"I Want To Post A New Topic, Which Forum Does It Belong In?"

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Obviously, these are just general ideas, to help keep things organised. Most of them are self-explanatory, but some people don't seem to understand. Feel free to add your own ideas. These are just my own thoughts in my head:

Upon The New Year Coming:

Brümstix, first and foremost, is a reginka forum, and I believe 'Upon the New Year' should be a place to discuss things happening upon the new year about regina. Events she'll be doing. Radio appearances. Television hearances.

Not "This Year, People At My School Are Annoying Me So Bad, Please Give Me Advice!"


Shows, Concerts, Events. Etc.

A place to post reviews and ivites...


Tell us the good things that happen...

Like how they made a statue of us. Or that time you OD'd for the second time.


Tell us the not so good things that happen...

Why am i supposed to love when i don't want to love? The history books forgot about us and the bible didn't mention us. those bastards.

Soup recipes:

Also self-explanatory


See Other


Miscellaneous comments that don't fit in any other category. Like, internet marriage proposals, the proper way to blow your nose, talking about donating money and time to the Foundation To Keep Santa and The Elves In Business, discussing song lyrics, lyric meanings, actual lyrics, reg's changing of lyrics, other musicians, random crap, etc.


Frequently asked ques... you get it.

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