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Confused as F--k

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Thanks, i think time is what is needed. Apparently she thinks so too, as she seems to be avoiding me so far...

Waiting is a killer, but hopefully worth it in the end.

Thanks again.

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I don't know who is what age. I think the age card must play in to any analysis of your situation.

I can't help but feel that someone's taking advantage of someone. I hope I'm wrong.

I also don't know how much of your laundry you want to air out on this board. But if all you needed to do was vent.......then I hope you've done so.

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I girl I like a lot admitted that she likes me too. She told me this last year, in October, and we were getting on really well for a few months, even though we don't live anywhere near each other, so we have had to talk to each other online.

Anyway, about halfway through January this year, she just started ignoring me. She just cut off every way of contacting me. She blocked my msn (I assume). And she said her phone broke, which I'm sure is a lie, because before that she also said that someone had stolen it. And she blocked my youtube channel, which I know because when I visit her channel, the comment box doesn't show up. And she also said she had a new youtube channel, which I searched for, and found that it said 'Last sign-in: 1 year ago'. And she still goes online on her other channel.

But before she did this, we had a really short conversation over msn, and she said to me:

"I want to tell you that whatever happens, I do love you, and one day we will be together. I promise, you have to believe me. And if I hurt you I don't mean to. Because I'm yours. Forever."

And then she went offline.

Something tells me that she might've planned this somehow?! And I do trust her, and I believe her about what she said, but I don't know how long it could be before I can talk to her again.

And I don't mean to try and stop her having a relationship with anyone else, but I'm worried she might fall in love with someone else or forget about me or something.

I don't know why she did it, but I really miss her. Frowner

(Sorry, I had to tell someone about it, and I thought the lovely people at the stix might help me.)

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Originally Stated By Kate Nash

I could be alone yeah, i could watch a sunset on my own, i could be alone.

well, you dont have to be with somebody, its knot required.. *i prefer knots instead of nots*

i know i sound cold, but sometimes its better for you if you can learn to wean yourself of someone else to finally be happy by yourself. i am/have dealing/dealt with a situation much like that one. it is difficult, but i have come to understandings with my person of interest and it really helps if there is communication on both ends. just send an email, and if they really care about you, they will realize they are good for you, but right now they are terrible for you by matters of neglection.

yes, dear sir it feeleths niceth to be in someone else's *virtual or not* arms. and yes, relationships can feel so great, but sometimes they are just like double edged swords. do whatever you feel you need to, i am just another human.

here's something that might move you, made by me? or maybe it will just make you mad im sorry ._. but heck im trying here.

well, best wishes fine sir.

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@Licks Rocks

I am truly sorry, I do not have any advice. I wish I did :/

There is a song that this situation reminds me of though.

It could potentially explain what's going on with the person you mentioned.

The song is A Martyr For My Love For You by the White Stripes

Here are the lyrics if you don't want to listen to the actual song

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