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Drivers that decide not to indicate before turning. I dont know why that bugs me as much as it does!

Pedestrians that for some reason decide to suddenly walk out into the road without looking in ANY direction.

someone is crossing a road at a section with no lights or any particular crossing, j walking, if you will. They clearly see me, quite the distance away, travelling at a reasonable, constant speed. Yet they decide to walk at snail pace. It' as if they are daring me.

I can't think of any others right now

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Originally posted by Rosa, Dang It:

Oh, yeah, and when people pronounce the word "mischievous" as "miss-chee-vee-ous." It's not right, y'all!

My english teacher skewers people for doing that. And for saying grievous like gree-vee-ous.

pet peeves of mine:

greasy screens with thumb prints

people who take sips and then go "ahhhhh"

french cuffs

socks that go unnecessarily high up

teenage guys who fake deep voices (you're not fooling anyone)

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girls who wear their hair on the absolute top of their head in a bun with no excuse other than, "i'm scrubbin' today hehehehehehe!!!1"

people who say "that's jewish..." instead of an actual expression for saying something isn't good.

people who feel the constant need to LIE.

people who take french for three years and still don't know how to pronounce the definite article "le" and all other words that SHOULD rhyme with that.

trucks with really high suspensions and large tires. i mean, really? are you on your way to your junior monster truck rally or something?

large cars in general. there are better ways to ruin the environment. there are better, more efficient cars in a reasonable size.

people who end every sentence with "it's whatever."

girls who act stupid for attention. everyone can tell, but i guess that's where the actual stupidity kicks in for them.

i can go on. ohhh can i go on.

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