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"Far" Regina's Next Album :D

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The calculation sounds awesome!

Eet.. well, already heard that one, still great.

Blue lips, hm, well yes it is kind of over-done.

Folding chair makes me terribly happy.

Machine? I don't know what to think about that one. I love that this album has such a song on it though.

Laughing with, also already known..

Human of the year isn't my favorite song, but I think people can live with this version ;]

Two birds? Woo! Give me the complete version!

Dance anthem of the 80s is still great.

Genius next door fortunately doesn't have too many additions, only good ones.

The wallet does have many additions.

One more time with feeling seems to have two versions, the one that makes you cry, and the more popular version.

Man of a thousand faces is good.

The Sword & the Pen sounds exciting :]

One more time with feeling disappoints me a bit. It was the song I was looking forward to the most. But I'll stick to the live-versions, they're pretty good quality :]

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Am I the only one who is reminded of Bowwie's song Rock & Roll Suicide when hearing Man of 1000 Faces?

On another note, I'm seriously hoping Machine contains a reference to the gravediggers who get stuck in it.

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My 2 cents on the 30 sec previews. As noted, you can never really get the feel of a CD from 30 second clips and of course the audio quality is not the best.

That aside, there is just no gettng around that this is a very impressive collection of songs and sounds.

I love the sound of Machine and Two Birds is awesome! Only Regina would use a Tuba!!! HA! HA!

And, I love the epic production sound of Wallet. To me that's what that song was always about--it's a "little," tale," which is epic somehow.

Even, One More Time With Feeling . . .I like the new mix--it still maintains the irresistable lyrical rhythm, the chorus is just so catchy. It's a bit of a country waltz, the way she does it.

I have to say, overall I'm blown away by this collection of songs and can't wait to hear the sounds of this CD on a proper system.

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Machine has a wild sound! Luv Regina's vocals! I don't want to start anything here--but it does have a bit of a Tori Amos feel to it.

But, I like it! It's techno-funky! If in fact, that is a word. If it isn't, it should be.


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Man of a Thousand Faces!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eeker

and, see, i'm skipping certain previews, like one more time with feeling, for example, because i have serious emotional ties to them. i figured MOAT Faces was a safe pick because it was never a song that i really connected with (it's pretty, of course, and chills at certain parts. but that's same ol' with Reg, right?) if i /had/ had an idea of how that song should go, this would surpass it. And that's only like, 30 seconds of it!!

i think it might become my new fave. Regina song. probably will be my favorite from the album Big Grin woooohoo! haha sorry...

EDIT: i just ventured a listen to Machine.

i see haters in the future of this track. so now, i say to you: admit it. if a producer were honestly staying true blue to a Regina Spektor song, This is /precisely/ what it would sound like.

with this thought in mind, i LOVE it.

geez, two new samples and already Eet is blown out of my #1 Far(t) spot! who saw that coming?

edit 2: i'll shut up, because stupid selfish me forgot about the people on the brink of listening through, though they ideally will wait for the 23rd.

"no say no mo'..."

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