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"Far" Regina's Next Album :D

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Originally posted by andreseng:

Originally posted by Yesy:

OOOHH!!!! okey, I like it more now Smiler

guys, when I write I feel like Borat hahaha

Thank God you don't look like him!!!


OH GOD! NO! MOMMY! MAKE IT STOP!!! AAHHHHHH!!! *cuts eyes out and bleeds to death*

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Originally posted by baby jesus:

Originally posted by benmoody0220:

Sadistic bastard! Also, where can I hear the clips?

You mean these?

Thanks for posting that .

Some intresting snipets of the songs.Early thoughts on the non released songs:

Calculation sounds countrish.

Machine is a mystery song , where does it go?!

Human of the year sounds very good , Reginas voice is superb!

Two Birds sounds like a fun song.

Wallet is intresting , another myster song.

One More Time With Feeling is happy tune, i liked the snipet.

Man of A Thousand Face is hit or miss for me.

Non-album tracks:

Time is all around sounds really good , voice again sounds superb.

The Sword & The Pen : Dont know what to think about it.Hmm..

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Okay, so I've been following on Brumstix for years and just now signed up just so I could express my excitement for this album. Seriously, I've been a fan since "Songs" hit the shelves at my local indie-record store. But I digress...

Just listened to the clips on Amazon and Human of the year-- the track I've been looking forward to more than any other-- sounds insanely good. When she did it at QMU in Glasgow I was in love with it! Such a mysterious and beautiful song. Though I am actually excited to hear her play with new instruments and production, I am breathing a small sigh of relief that this one seems untampered.

I'm having a hard time believing myself when I say that I'm not tempted to DL it when it leaks, though I know I will end up buying all three different releases (iTunes, Amazon, WB) so I guess that makes it even, yeah? Lol


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