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"Far" Regina's Next Album :D

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Originally posted by Stepped On A Syringe:


The Calculation- Pure Brilliance 5/5

Eet- Perfect 5/5

Blue Lips- Use to hate it, now I love it! 5/5

Folding Chair- Could be better 3/5

Machine- Very intense and cool 5/5

Laughing With- In love with it 5/5

Human of the Year- Speechless 10/5

Two Birds- Adorable! 5/5

Dance Anthem Of The 80's- Love Love Love! 5/5

Genius Next Door- Amazing 5/5

The Wallet- It's growing on me 4/5

One More Time- Pretty Good, lot better than the preview 4/5

Man Of A Thousand Faces- Pretty Good, love the effects! 5/5

Big Grin

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A review of what I've heard from this stream (First thoughts):

The Calculation: Great song, really Kinks-esque in melody. Quite poppy. This album's On The Radio.

Machine: YES! This is a return to Songs/SK era Regina. Quite interesting lyrically too. This is how I picture songs like Daniel Cowman would sound had they been recorded in a formal studio setting

Human of the Year: It sounds perfect! Best track on the album, hands down. It's even better than I envisioned it, and the orchestration fits perfectly.

Two Birds: Quirky and whimsical, with storybook style narrative. Classic Reg, in other words.

Genius: Brilliant! Beautiful and haunting. Has an almost religious quality to it

Wallet: I had not heard this in a previous live version, and I have to say it's a great song. I do think it's a bit overproduced though.

One More Time With feeling: I actually quite like this version. Sure, it lost some of that raw emotion, but it seems to fit quite well. The vocoder parts kinda irk me, maybe it's just the fact that I'm not used to them

Man of 1000 Faces: While a great recording, it suffers from the Blue Lips effect where the studio setting simply cannot capture the song's magic in full, or the outpouring

of emotion that Regina puts into the live version.

Overall, I love it and I cannot wait to buy it!!

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Sorry you guys are mom just pre-ordered the FAN version of "Far" for my birthday present!!!!

AAAHHHH! I feel like such a happy smiley little girl. I get this new amazing Regina album for my 28th birthday AND I'M GOING TO DISNEYLAND ON MY BIRTHDAY!!!!

The older I get the more I want to spend my birthday doing things that children do..haha!

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