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"Far" Regina's Next Album :D

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Oh dear @ One More Time With Feeling.

Regina's voice is wonderful, like always, but I really don't like the song production. It's kinda upbeat???

But maybe, it'll grow on me... it may be already...

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Originally posted by Stepped On A Syringe:


-The Calculation - cute, though I don't like it as much as I thought I would.

-Eet - I like it a lot, one of my faves off the album

-Blue Lips - loathe, won't even keep in my iTunes

-Folding Chair - meh, it's good not great, I still like the demo version more

-Machine - love the intensity and the strangeness of this song, one of my faves off this album

-Laughing With - like a lot

-Human of the Year - I think I'm the only one who feels sort of indifferent toward this version.

-Two Birds - Cute, though something seems a teensy bit off with it that I can't quite pinpoint

-Dance Anthem Of The 80's - love; in terms of songs that have been performed live before, I think this is one of the better produced ones

-Genius Next Door - love; like Dance Anthem, I think this is one of the better produced songs (of the previously recorded live ones)

-The Wallet - Don't really feel one way or the other toward it

-One More Time With Feeling - I don't really understand what happened here. What to me was a seemingly forlorn song seems way too upbeat now.

-Man Of A Thousand Faces - hmm, better than I was expecting though it is lacking somehow


All in all this album is a lot like BtH for me though I think I might like it a little better. Her first three albums are still my faves though Smiler

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Thanks for the tunes...and thanks for keeping me up for 20 more minutes Razzer!

Now I downloaded all the songs I wont have to buy the CD Eeker

Fuck that , I will buy all the versions I can Big Grin !!

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damn sleeping time!

Loving it all (almost):

Genius next door is brilliant

Two birds - my current favourite

The Calculation is so funny & joyful

Machine - full and different (in context of the album)

Wallet has the most amazing ending ever

Human of the year - great song especially love the soft wind instruments

Man of a thousand faces - good + uhh and ohh's are spectacular Wink

One more time with feeling - weird, bad weird, it has it's moments but overall not good, I'm gonna stick with live versions

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