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"Far" Regina's Next Album :D

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Okay, Here's my go at a song-by-song review:

"The Calculation"- It will deffinitely grow on me but it a lil honky tonky :-P

"Eet"- Was incredible from the moment I heard it in the video and it still impresses me.

"Blue Lips"- Although I LOVE the original, and this is one of those OVER-produced songs on the album, the song itself is still incredible.

"Folding Chair"- It actually took this album for me to really get into this song but now I can't stop wiggling while I listen Smiler

"Machine"- It is abstract and therefore, needs more analysis ironically enough. Great ending, but it's definitely one of those "oh, Regina, you got bored didn'tcha? :-P"

"Laughing With"- I, at first didnt understand why she had made this her single, but it's such an affective song and appropriate for the times. Bootiful!

"Human of the Year"- Her greatest triumph on this album! She didn't over-do it but she still beefed up some parts and let her voice soar even higher than what we're used to. MASTERPIECE!

"Two Birds"- My favorite of the New Material. It's just impossible to be sad/down/upset/morose/anything but happy while listening to this song.

"Dance Anthem of the 80's"- Perfect amounts of Regina-Quirk mixed with just enough production.

"Genius Next Door"- Just like Human Of The Year, this song is haunting as ever and with the production it really crawls into your skin.

"Wallet"- This is the way it played in my head when I would hear her do it live / on youtube vids of other concerts. The choirs make it something on a whole other level.

"One More Time With Feeling"- I almost didn't recognize it, and, in fact, still to this point it's almost like a whole new song. It sort of stands next to the old version as it's prettied-up sister.

"Man of a Thousand Faces"- To avoid reitterating the same point, see "Human of the year" and "Genius Next Door". Like another stixer said, "This song sounds like breathing."

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I love this album!!! It is better than Begin to Hope, in my opinion (I didn't hate that album as much as some did, it's where I started with Regina, and though it is now my leats liked album by Regi, I still like it).


Is there anyone who's kind enough to put just Genius Next Door, Wallet & One More time with feeling in a zip or upload separately to sendspace? I'm too lazy to download the full album zip- will take me about half an hour, when I just want 3 of the songs...

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why are you all so good at refraining, i am crap Frowner

I've had such a regina day Big Grin

I've loved it, i put her on in my mums car the new songs, listening to the calculation in the sun is just amazing Big Grin, then the shop had begin to hope playing, its been bliss Big Grin

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I'm proud of myself for lasting this long. The only song I've heard was Two Birds, as I promised myself. (Ah-mazing!)

When I told my friend who i'm planning to buy/listen to the album with though, she was pissed. Razzer

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