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"Far" Regina's Next Album :D

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Originally posted by Karl Prejekterinski:

Ack! New Album! I wonder what sprightly sure-to-be hit means

Also, the release date is set for like 3 days AFTER I live civilization for 2 months. great.

Yeahh, I was wondering about that... seems a tad ominous...

Anyway, whatever it is, I'm sure I'll adore it simply because its her and its new stuff and AHH I'M SO EXCITED!!!

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You guys. I've been trying to get here since 3am last night!!! Poor G had to ready my bat shit crazy facebook messages because I had all that info and no where to blast it oooouuuut. I am so fucking excited. Oh shit, Genius, Wallet, AGH!!!

Far is such a wonderful album name. Its wonderfully vague and the tone is perfect. I like to think of it as an homage to how far she's come and how far she will continue to go.

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