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Regina on Jools next Tuesday

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Originally posted by RJLupin2:

It still didn't work.

It keeps telling me "This file format is not supported. For help please visit:"

Thank you so much for the effort you put into it and I'm sorry it didn't work! I think my mp3 player might just be retarded or something :/

I think i have the answer to your problem.

Go to

then hit URL type in the url of the file you need which is the youtube url. then hit convert to mp3 or whatever format you need. Enter your email andyou will get it emailed to you within a couple of minutes to an hour.

let me know if that helped

ON OTHER NOTES Bluelips is amazing I loved this performance..WE are so lucky to have brumstix to share with each other..



love u all

rosa (icela)

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I don't think that that is going to work :/

The specifications for this mp3 player are beyond ridiculous...

Thank you though Big Grin

I am going to try and see if maybe the mp3 player will take wmv files

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listen to Blue Lips on the jools holland show, then listen to the studio recording... i'm sorry, the studio recording BLOWS. no magic whatsoever. it's epic live - it breathes, it builds, it resounds. how come the studio version sounds like it was recorded in a small room with too little oxygen???

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