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im so impressed with how this album is revealing itself.

this is the kind of sound i love out of regina, if it isnt just her and piano.

i mean as fans, we GET her and piano (all of her live shows!)

so im thankful to have her album versions that are slightly more complicated and intricate.

for people complaining about production.. and things other than her and JUST piano on every track... support her live!

But anyway, "Far" is going to be an AMAZING album.

and blue lips is incredible! im so excited for the world to finally get to hear this song.

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I just drove over to my friends house JUST to suprise her and play her this song. We hugged and listened

it was amazing. this version is amazing, the beginning fading in is beautiful and her voice is so emotional at the end. the piano comes in at perfect times and her notes are lovely. I couldn't ask for more

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