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silver bullet trailer

Dance Anthem of the 80s video!

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Whoa. I just realised my favourite part of the song is gone...the part at the end that went

'they want to watch, to watch each other, they want to watched, they want to washed, they want to be touched, to touch each other, they want to sleep, they wanna be slept'...

But then listening to my recent recordings, I noticed it was gone anyway. Why did I never notice this?

Oh, well. I still love the new version and I'll always have the old one to listen to.

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OH MY GARSH!!!I loooooooove it <3!!!!

it is so effin dang cuuuute! lol

the part where she says swee eee eee eet in the beginning and jumps up and down like a little girl is priceless ^-^!!!!

looooooooove it! Smiler

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