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Originally posted by BeLikeA*cloud*:

Originally posted by addiction to hands&feet:

You're speaking very generally here. I wouldn't say the "usual" action is getting involved in a movement that harms rather than helps. I would say that is more of an exception... or at least less likely. I think that people who view themselves as part of a whole (rather than as a singular individual) would have a better time getting things accomplished... learning to work in groups, understanding that personal failure can lead to success for a larger group of people, realizing that you're not the only person on earth, dealing with consequences larger than your own... all of these things can come from seeing the world as bigger than yourself. Of course there are groups (extremists in religions, for example) that take these concepts too far, but i think on the whole, being a small part of something better is a rewarding, humbling experience.

I like what you said, and how you said it... here's a quote you kinda reminded me of... =]

“We don’t have to engage in grand, heroic actions to participate in the process of change. Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.”

-Howard Zinn

I like that qoute. and I like your analogy BeLikeA*cloud* Smiler

a lot of people have had some good things to say here I think, what a nice thread to read. Smiler

I'm not religious, going to church actually kind of put me off religion. (did i say that correctly? my english gets worse every day *sighs*) but, i do believe in what I like to call some kind of "spirituality". like when people join hands for "a bigger cause", or even just meet, really meet each other, I think something sort of magical happens then. Smiler

well...I can only repeat what's already been said: to each their own.

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yikes...3 posts in a row...i wonder if this will count as spam...

Gotta add to the discussion of this song, that I think it's funny how, so many reviews of this song say something along the lines of, "even atheists can't laugh at God in a hospital or a war..." "at our darkest moments, even atheists might pray" etc..

i often interpret "no one's laughing at God" as meaning, "come on, we're not laughing at your god, don't be offended so easily. we are not trying to ridicule something that is holy to you, but really, god could be funny at a cocktail party while listening to a good god-themed joke." we're not laughing at god, we're laughing with god, as in, if you have a good relationship with someone/something, you can joke about it too, it doesn't always have to be serious because you already know, deep within what is what to you.

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The Chrismas spirit is not what you drink. Jethro Tull - A Christmas Song

That doesn't apply to me though, surely.

I was brought up Unitarian by my ultra liberal parents who left the Catholic church.

I always thanked God for that, but She seems to have screwed me anyway.

My other relatives brought me sometimes to those Catholic churches, and

it wasn't a fun place to hang out. It was abysmally boring and fairly

disconcerting. To me, I'm sure, so are many mosques and temples.

But of course, to each their own. There are people in the three

monotheist faiths that are really nice, and got it goin on, and people

who are stupid and angry and take the scriptures and find the worst and most

flagrantly violent and racist and sexist not to mention fairy-tale like parts

and live it and make the world much worse. Phooey on them. I'm a monotheist.

I decided quite a while ago, and still am developing, and always will be,

what I think God is like. The closest, to me, of any description from 'beyond'

is by Seth, as interpreted by Jane Roberts. Well, not interpreted. Channelled. Oooooh.

I'll paraphrase: You (humans focused in physical reality) cannot comprehend

the multi-personality aspects of God. I mean, Seth acknowleged that God exists.

I take Seth to heart, I believe that he exists, and that his teachings

describe physical reality as it generally is. So for him to, once that I know

of, in all those volumes, mention God, well it helped me believe there is one.

But more my belief simply comes from my life experiences. I believe we are all

eternal, and the cats and the dogs as well, and snakes, rocks and sticks

and water molecules. My last girlfriend, only post-divorce love, Jewish,

cashed in her chips last year. 36 years old. Her doing that confirmed my

belief in eternity way up some notches on the wheel. My folks are still alive,

my father has advanced Parkinsons, my mother's fine, both late seventies.

When one of them goes, and of course I suppose it'll be the old man,

but hey, don't try and predict that reaper, I suppose I'll be even

closer to eternity. I had cancer in the 80s. That also give me an eternal

boost. I'm just an eternal guy. So yeah, vicious screed, Yo, ease up

there homie. Hey, talk religion or politics, there's gonna be fights.

And Far, like, whoa. I mean good lord. If I ever had a religious

experience, it's been this year listening to that fucking thing

every goddamn day for months, then seeing it played in Radio City Music Hall.

Hallelujah, Peace on Earth, Good Will Toward Sven.

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There are quite a bit of Atheists here on the Stix! I myself too, am an Atheist. But I get so pissed off when people get all offended about Laughing With thinking its Atheist Bashing, and they assume that Regina is some Christian fundamentalist, and get into debates on youtube and don't even appreciate how beautiful and genius that song is. Mad

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100% with you on that subject, Brady!

Those discussion on youtube are ridiculous. People are shouting at each other trying to prove that ONLY their interpretation is the right one. Most of the people don't even know who Regina is.

Shortly after far was released, the Rolling Stone included it in their recommendation video, or whatever that was, saying Regina is "Christian rock" - that is just wrong...

When I heard that song for the first time I felt a bit offended by the overuse of the word "god" but I got over it, because it's a great song. I don't necessarily agree with the lyrics entirely but I can always find something I can relate to in that song even though I'm an atheist.

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