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"We feel so helpless. What can we do? We can pray. We can give. We can distance ourselves from Pat Robertson (we were never that close anyway). And we can listen to Regina—after all, sometimes it takes a skeptic to convey truth in a more honest way than on airways “safe for the whole family”:

No one laughs at God in a hospital

No one laughs at God in a war

No one’s laughing at God when they’re starving

or freezing or so very poor

One thing’s for sure: No one’s laughing at God in Haiti right now.

And despite what some wrongly presume, God’s not laughing either."

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of course fat stupid pat robertson is still at it doing

what he's always done. i shuddered when he was attempting

to run for president. imagine that. i mean, presidents

of america have to be pretty insane, but not completely

bonkers, delusional, heartless, and corrupt. he's one of those

people, at least my list is pretty short, who often brings

out of me the phrase that it'll be a happy day when

he fucking dies. a deal with the devil. man thinks some sort

of devil actually went to haiti and spoke with the officials

and people, and said gimme your souls forever and i'll free

you from the french. and they agreed, and so the devil,

with a brimstone dripping evil grin, did, and since THEN

they've had all kind of misery. not because the imperial

christian armies of the world have been raping their

land for decades into a mudhole so they could have the trees for

piles to drive into their ports. so what, is god mad cause the

haitians made a deal with the devil? he surely is a vengeful,

violent, and murderous god when he's in the mood. pat robertson

should eat mud, like some haitians have to. find the Dave Emory

archives on and listen to the pat robertson ones.

he's made some deals with the devil himself occasionally,

with diamonds and minerals and lots of other dark brown skinned


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Shortly after far was released, the Rolling Stone included it in their recommendation video, or whatever that was, saying Regina is "Christian rock"

^^LOL, Regina would NOT be happy about that.....

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Gosh, Rolling Stone needs to get their head out of their ass and get their facts straight. Christian rock, I mean really......its nowhere near it!

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