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Has anyone seen Lady GaGa?

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Originally posted by Stepped On A Syringe:


I'm all for her over the topness in her outfits and her sets and stuff like that. I just think that that was an amazing performance and if she did that more instead of covering her stuff up with techno and dance stuff her music would be so much better in my book. And a lot of people like her techno/dance stuff though. She is finding a good balance by letting the people who like acostic stuff have that and the people who like the dance stuff have that. I am waiting to see what comes from her. She obviously has a lot talent.I love combining theatrics and music. Most artists I like are theatrical. I am just wondering what she will do in the future. She obviously likes playing the piano and doing acoustic songs or she wouldn't do them. Was the electronic music just to get her name into the mainstream because that's what is popular now and now she'll switch back now that people will support her because they know her? What's next?

Those questions could be totally wrong and she may just like doing both acoustic and electronic songs. Which is great for her.

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