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Reg's next album - wish list

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Originally posted by ThisIsHowItWorks:

There's hope for All the Rowboats fans: In one live performance (Don't know which, sorry) she commented to the audience "There's a lot more in my head than you're hearing..." And I'm sure she wants us all to be able to hear what's in her head...

Yes I realize that this is true of all her songs, but I love "All the Rowboats..."

yeah! its in a recording at the Hotel Cafe from january 26, 2005. really funny...

two that i would add that i don't think anyone has mentioned is "You" and "a cooler version of yourself"

other than that, my tops would be:

8th floor



I cut off my hair

small town moon

rockland county


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I would love to have Belt, I Cut Off My Hair, and Making Records. Those 3 songs kind of go together in my mind, not sure why...

I agree with all the songs already mention, and I'd also love to see Secret Stash, One-String Blues, Happy Hooker, and Small Town Moon. Oh oh and Devil Come to Bethlehem! The Bronx would be fun too...

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Along with my previous list that we all could agree on Wink

which was....


Small Town Moon

The Virgin Queen

All the Rowboats


I would personally add.


8th Floor

and Belt

Big Grin perfection

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Originally posted by Karl Prejektorinski:

Has nobody mentioned The Clocks Were Asleep yet? Its really good. Go check it out!

I do love that song, but for some reason its never one to stick out in my mind too much. Not sure why because its brilliant.

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