Your Mood in Terms of Regina Songs

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Originally posted by lennonist:

Oh man, Riot Gear puts a smile on my face. She sings it in such a carefree way. Oh, Regina, I'll hold you, don't you let go!

Somedays and Another Town get me all teary-eyed.

Right now I feeling a mix of Loveology and 8th Floor Window.

I need to re-listen to Regina's discography, cause I rushed it for myself by going through all her albums in about a week.. :\

Stay out

Drinking into the night

And they are saying those same things

And I'm like "Ha, ha, ha, hee, hee, hee"

'Til half-past three

And then it's time for me to go

Come home

Take off my tuna dress

Put on my collard greens

And in my sleep

What dreams may come

Before I'm woken by alarms

Put on my riot gear

Originally posted by Klachopis:


Hey, it seems to be working!


Here's an extremely well-done cover of 'Riot Gear' by a girl named Anna:

I'm also loving Angela Quirion's covers like 'The Virgin Queen' and also her original songs, especially 'Love'.

I should make a thread for all the best covers of Regina Spektor songs...

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I am one of Regina's older fans, about to turn 60 this month (Nov. 21015). Her songs have helped me live through one of the worst things that can happen to anyone, the death of a loved one, in my case my beloved husband five years ago. I can't point to any particular song. It is just her way of looking at life, offbeat, cynical, kind of the way I am when I am emotionally as healthy as I can be. She helped my ground myself. She is not the only artist who assisted me in my journey to wholeness, and I am not there yet, not by a long shot, but Ms. Spektor has been important to me.

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Nice to see another senior Regina fan... I am halfway through the 'magical decade' (collecting Social Security) and Regina's music has helped me through a couple of difficult medical procedures and given me much joy in general. 

My condolences on your loss...

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