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am i lost or something? I swear there was a thread called "videos and pictures of intrest"

could someone kindly lead me there? I don't want to start a new thread for silly videos. I know the find button is my friend but it never seems to take me where id like to go sometimes

also, is there a seperate one for regina videos only? I can't seem to find the most used one either

THANK YOU Big Grin my dear stixers

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when playing your violin, make SURE to use the right amount of pressure.

too much pressure = broken strings, need for restringing the bow cos its strings are exhausted (and bow restringing can be expensive if you dont want to do it yourself.)

not enough pressure = bad sounds

make sure to use rosin, its a string instruments best friend Smiler

when ya first start out, it isnt gonna be glamorous. just find which playing techniques best fit you. stance is crucial, you can get carpal tunnel reeeeeeeally fast if you dont play correctly.

tuning: you can find the correct notes for tuning online if you dont have an electric tuner, but be careful, too much tension can warp the neck of the violin.

these are just pointers from a friend's experience. i asked just for you Razzer hahahah Big Grin

happy violining Big Grin im jealous!

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