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El Rey Theatre LA July 28, 2009

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Is this her next show? Of course I'm nowhere close but I really hope she plays The Sword and the Pen live, I would LOVE a live recording of it. It's shaping up to be my favorite new song from the album and she hasn't performed it...

I hope one day she sings it live Smiler omg maybe one day if I ever get to see her she'll sing it! Just for me Wink

ohhh I love daydreaming (nightdreaming?)

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Originally posted by StalkerChic:

It's tommorrow and I'm excitededed. I get to see 500 days of Summer beforehand and then Regina.

It makes me happy.

Color me jealous! I saw 500 Days of Summer at the Arclight last week (weirdly enough, the Funny People premiere was going on at the same time too...didn't run into Rogen, Sandler or Apatow unfortunately) and it was wonderful.

Did you get tickets from Ticketmaster or scalpers? If I wasn't sick, I MIGHT consider buying a scalper ticket. Frowner

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