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El Rey Theatre LA July 28, 2009

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OK, so here's a rundown of the night.

I arrive to the El Rey at 8 and there's already a huge in to get into the venue. I park my car and walk to the line. Lucky for me, most people decided to sit down for this one so I was able to stand in the pit but not lean against the stage as I'm prone to doing at concerts. You Spektor fans are absurdly punctual.

The opening band (Little Joy) came on and they were very good. I had no idea Jack Dishel was in it and I got nostalgic about the Grove show from a few Halloweens ago.

Regina came on and did her set with the string section and drummer. They left for a few songs and she rocked it solo for a bit. But they all came back for an encore.

After the show, we waited out back for her, but someone said she'd be coming out in front so a big group of us waited out in front for her since there were no cars out back for her to get into. The keyboardist for Tom Petty came out and signed some albums for some random guys outside. Then Jeff Lynne came. I didn't know who it was at first but I saw him sign his name on a CD and kindly asked him for a picture. He made sure everyone's stuff was signed and posed for pics before getting into his car. We waited and waited for Regina but finally gave up around 2 AM when we heard she took off somewhere out back.

Damn ninja, that lady is. It's hard getting autographs/pics when there isn't a tour bus to wait next to.

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I don't know the full setlist, but I know that she played

Time is All Around

Poor Little Rich Boy

Bobbin For Apples

That Time

Hotel Song

Dance Anthem of the 80's

because there are videos on youtube. I'd love to know the full setlist though. Smiler

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according to an early (and not very informative) review she also played Folding chair and Genius

(where are those who actually attended, sleeping? Wink )

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