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Apple Store NYC 24 Jul 2009

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Can't remember from the top of my head, but mostly new album stuff and a new song (I will name it the 'ass shaking song'. Played for an about an hour.

I didn't wait around as I get tongue tied but people were waiting outside diligently.

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They were filming it to, presumably for Apple too. But I saw no fans recording. I was tempted to take a pic, but didn't want to give an overly smug zealous security reason to chuck me out and make their day (esp after waiting for so long). That being said all the Apple staff were lovely.

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i was super surprised she played a brand new song! but basically it was great. i think the setlist was something like

The Calculation

Time Is All Around



Folding Chair

(new song...ass shaker?? haha)

Apres Moi

Blue Lips



...that might be it, but i wouldn't trust my accuracy absolutely.

oh and ps: english guy, were you that one guy my sister asked if you traveled all the way from england just for that show? i almost answered with "no, thats just english guy." haha.

pps: i didn't think my sis was going with me, but she ended up just hanging out. and she had no idea what brumstix was. she thought it was the most hilarious thing she had ever heard. and proceeded to make fun of me relentlessly via text in the line. Roll Eyes

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