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I hate the "instant gratification" of the media

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Maybe it's also the popularity of Soaps? For a verbal-heavy product it features quite a few cuts.

If our culture has ADD (referring to a previous post), hm... there's multiple types... One ADD includes hyper-concentration/focus (possibly a few hours long) and a "crash" afterward: restlessness, craving for coffee or other "relaxant", appearing absent-minded (daydreaming) or losing all interest in the subject focused on. and that's just one symptom.

Perfectionism, Awesome memory/knowledge on a few select subjects, not finishing what you start, all examples for symptoms of ADD.

Good artists often have this disorder.

Maybe that does make our culture ADD in the broader sense of the metaphor, because culture and ADD are heterogeneous...

@ SgtCampsalot: Your quote and your interpratation of it implicitly exclude all artists who do designing jobs and a lot of historic/classic painters, composers and sculptors. I mean, Michael Angelo, Rembrant, Vermeer, Rubens, Leonardo DaVinci, Pieter Breughel, Mozart etc. made most of their works for paying customers. And their work is generally considered to be Art. The famous Night Watch was requested by the captain of the portrayed city-guard company, the Sistine Chapel commissioned by the Pope, Shakespeare wrote for a Theatre Company etc. Not art?

But then, it was said by an artist probably -the quote appears familiar- and it's just his opinion which anyone can agree or disagree with.

The mass of persons involved should not matter too, teamwork is natural to man, it should be part of and be reflected in our cultural outings.

It all comes down to Viewer's Discretion advised for the eye of the beholder.

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Originally posted by Appt:

Yeah, many people have short attention span problems these days.

Lol hey grandpa.....ha jk.

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