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Best Album Opener

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I went with "Songs". I think partially because Raw-Samson --> Oedipus is an amazing duo as an opener, and I'm always amazed how strongly the album starts off because of it.

Ode to Divorce, I always enjoy, but it took a while for me to like it as an opener. It's almost like "okay, where's the opener? Is that a bass drum? What's that noise? Why is it making me feel somber? Oh, it's the song, I get it."

I think "Ode" as SK's opener works better in the context of the whole album than as an opener in and of itself- if that makes any sense. When listening through the entire album, I immensely enjoy the roller coaster it goes on, song-for-song. But as an opener, and that's it, it never fit my fancy.

Hm, long post, hah.

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I went with Soviet Kitsch, but I think each opening has its own merits:

11:11: Within five seconds of Regina's studio career, we are introduced not only to her quirky piano, but her unique vocal stylings. (Who doesn't love the way she goes from that low "there" up to "love?")

Songs: The cryptic nature of the line "You are my sweetest downfall," followed immediately by the sentimental "I loved you first," delivered with hiccuping vocals, with an emotion that can be interpreted any number of ways. Awesomeness.

Soviet Kitsch: A soft heartbeat leading into the incredibly emotional line "The food that I'm eating is suddenly tasteless." It's paralyzing.

Begin to Hope: "Shake it up." Bum-bum bum-bum bum-bum bum-bum ba-dum bum-bum etc... *heart melts with pure joy*

Far: What's a cooler line than "You went into the kitchen cupboard, got yourself another hour, and you gave half of it to me?" It's clear from the first line of far that Regina is taking you into a whole new world.

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