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Freshmeat at College. tips?

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Well, It's currently 5am. WOW, I thought my sleep schedule was screwed up before college. A very very interesting night I must say. Observations? These microwavable velveeta and mac n cheese things are SO increcibly handy. There are some creepy people here. Public bathrooms suck. Not knowing ppl means no hugs, I need a hug. Cafeteria food is hit or miss. Some girls need to get over that high school phase and stop judging with their eyes.

It's so much more walking than I thought it would be! I'm in dire need of some arch support shoes. Overall three adjectives I would have to use to describe it.... unfamiliar, awkward, and interesting/shocking. It's really hard meeting people, especially boys Frowner (campus is 70% girls and its really artsy so straight boys are limited) Now that I think about it ive met no one that goes to UNCG past a simple introduction and I forget their name anyways. I havent talked to or REALLY "met" someone. I'm NEVER one to introduce myself or go out of my way to meet new friends though, it feels too odd for me. I feel like there is absolutley no one here like my best friends who have gone seperate ways. There are 6 colleges in Greensboro (my school being the biggest, UNCG) and I visited a smaller private school today and everyone was SO willing to meet ppl. People were so nice. It's just so uncomfortable here. I know its early but I feel like im in the wrong place. Maybe I'm just lost? I haven't had much fun yet, just awkwardness but I bet thats typical for freshman, even though all my old friends say they are LOVING college. I've been here without classes for 5 days Classes start monday, wish me luck! I really dont know what to expect but I kinda like that. First UNCG dance class in 27 hours!

oh and yes I miss my family. and im blabbing cause its so late/early? bagels anyone??

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Holy crap! I went to UNCG for two years before I transferred! [To UNCC. And it wasn't because of the school, haha, it was an academics/choice of major thing] Oh god how I miss that place. I still go there often on weekends to see friends who are still there. To be fair, that gender ratio is just a number and doesn't reflect in how it feels when there- especially considering there are about 15,000 students there total! haha

I can't really give a magic answer, but I stack guarantees on promises it's simply just a matter of time until you're meeting people and things pick up speed. My first few days were awk to the EXTREME, but that was just because I didn't know anybody right off the bat. Once classes start, and more you have more mingling time in the dorms you'll gradually meet people you like and it won't suck, haha.

Also, the places right next to campus: NY Pizza, Jimmy John's, and Yum Yums have wicked deelish food for cheap. You probably know that already, but just a heads up... though you probably would have discovered those facts one way or another very soon anyway... but just allow me my delusions of being helpful Razzer

What dorm are you in? I was in Weil-Winfield, aka the badassest dorms there, rivaled by possibly Ragsdale-Mendenhall and Hawkins.

But really, just give it time! And take ^someone's advice to leave your door open whenever you're there. Possibly the majority of your friends will be made spontaneously by pop-in people.

[Also, if you're taking Biology, you want Anne B. Sommers. If you're taking English, you want Jeremy Aufrance... seriously, he's the greatest man/professor/human to ever walk the planet. I'm still meaning to drop by one day and say hi to him.]

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