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ok, lambie... it's cool that you just wrote, my first time on the computer in a while, buttttttt- it seems i am the regina in question... real glad you like the secret song (i don't know which one it was....) and also, i have been lucky enough to work with gordon on this thing that we made, and some other cool people too.... if that was what you were listening to, then it's the unmastered mixes of a 10 song record that will come out soon.... the other 2 disks- 11:11 was recorded by friends and me as a Uni project, and "Songs" was recorded on christams 2 years ago, by a friend with a studio, as just an archiving so that i wouldn't forget my songs... then we just chose 12 and put it out... i can't wait to finish up this new "high quality demo" heee-hee.. and so it goes..... thanks again for your kind words, hope this info was of help, yo.... reg

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