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Be like the water, people.

Field Below

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Originally posted by sweetness in my lungs:

People change and the world moves

this made me think of Rejazz, Jared! "birds still migrate south and people move on, even though I'm no longer in your arms..."

OK. So I listened to this song today when I walked home from the bus station, and my heart was about to jump out of my body and just break. It touched me so much. Don't even know why. It's the "I'm awake and feel the ache" just gets me.

The airplane-thing made me think... She's looking down, wishing to see the fields. it fits. So it could be a person feeling distant (like in an airplane) in life. Have friends, but no one to really talk to. Living outside yourself. watching your life pass by. The wish of seeing a field below is the wish of living your life connected...

So. I thought this song was about a break-up, a death or moving away from home. Loosing something in your life that's familiar. Wishing for what has already passed. Change. Hurtful change.

about facing the darker seasons without your loved one/-s...? Something traumatic may have happened the winter before, and then when it's about to return all the feelings come back.

If someone died, the rooster crow and the face could be the same person. Both live downtown. You know: people coming back as animals...watching over us.

Oh it just hit me!! Somedays!!!! "dooowntown. I'm not here. Not anymore. I've gone away. don't call me don't write. I'm in love with your daughter" Could somedays be written from one perspective and field below from another, but it's the same situation????? two people. One leaving and one staying. waaaaaaaaahh.

I need to think.

OOh good post!

I agree, "Field Below" always puts me in mind of a breakup. It's such a beautiful, achy song.

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