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The Floor Heard Everything

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Originally posted by sweetness in my lungs:

yeah I always thought Aquarius was somehow about God "listening in the shadows". So I don't mean that it's just because of LW that we think as we do Wink

One of the things I really love about regina is the fact that she doesn't shy away from any topic =) She'll just say what's on her mind. Not many people would have the courage.

Catholic priests and young boys is possible... Wow. Hehe. We are so over-thinking this :P but it's intersting!

I'll go do some more thinking about this song...

edit: the whole respect/holiness/shoes off thing could also be applied on the abuse interpretation. Since the dad is "almighty" in that situation.

haha i don't think there's such a thing as overthinking a regina song.. they're very rich (emotionally, and with details/content), and yet the lyrics appear random enough that one can't gelp but delve into them and say, "what did she mean by /that/?"

i thought that about Aquarius, too! i mean, who else could she be addressing with "dear someone listening/watching from the shadows, i only talk to you sometimes. And though i ask for help in riddles, it is clearer in my mind"...

anyway, this...

"edit: the whole respect/holiness/shoes off thing could also be applied on the abuse interpretation. Since the dad is "almighty" in that situation." very deep! i never thought about it like that... i wonder if that's what regina had in mind when she wrote it?? Probably not, imo... it really doesn't fit with the nurses and civilians. But then, what does?

(WARNING: Extreme tangent on the way!)

well, when i think of these people she describes, a few things stick out to me: first, she defines them by very black-and-white roles, something that's not typical from regina. And second, they sort of sound like characters/extras from tv shows, movies, plays, etc... like the people being mentioned on that part aren't "real". they lack a depth that regina's spoiled us with. ... idk. just a thought.

(WARNING: mini-tangent from (about? of? derived from?) the extreme tangent on the way!)

ok, don't take this seriously.. i wouldn't accept it as plausible unless someone could prove that this was relevant to a real-life situation that Reg would write about! 'kay, here goes:

sticking with the "father, yes" as being two people in the act, and the nurses and soldiers (and children!!!) as being extras on a set, what if this is the story of two people getting busy while they're supposed to be working (on a play/movie), then they get so loud that a crowd of actors dressed as nurses and soldiers, and the kids wearing some sort of costumes involving hooves/hoops develops outside the door or something. as a result of being so unprofessional, they're both in danger of being fired. This is my explanation of the "forgiveness": "please, please don't fire us! forgive us!"

again, this is totally not legit. it just popped into my head, so i wrote it down. i believe they call that "brain crack"...

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wooow! acting! theater! yes! (again and always: maybe. we'll never know)

Ok if people are dressed up in costumes and it's at the theater.... Imagine this little girl whose parents want to make her famous. It's all "yes I'll do whatever you say. Ok daddy I'll do my best. I'll become a star. Promise. I'm sorry I couldn't last time!!"

It's confusing, heels there, shoes here, boots and hoops (what are hoops??)... stressful... showbiz.

But really she doesn't want to be all dressed up. She wants bare feet. It's not her dream to become an actress - it's theirs. expectations... argh.

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I never thought of it that way!

But I still think "the floor heard everything" still signifies the floor having a sort of fly on the wall perspective, to use someone else's words. The floor hears all, even what is hidden from the rest of outside world. The floor hears true emotions, y'know?

But aaaalll of these interpretations are so fascinating. I had this so firmly pegged as being about some kind of abuse, but now I'm not so sure.

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i'm glad you like my inperprtation, sweetness in my lungs!

while i was reading your comments on it, something popped into my head: What if the "floor" refers to theater/performing arts? Then bare feet represent genuine emotion, like almostspotless said...

So the boots, heels, hoo(p/ve)s, etc represent all of te lazy themes that theater has taken on: there are all of these black and white tv shows about hospitals, and there hasn't been a movie out in a hot minute that doesn't feature faceless civilians (this brings to mind action/guy-type movies in particular). as for the children, i think that line is fast becoming the next Dusseldorf "new york muttdom" haha i have no idea what she's saying, or just what she means.

Bottom line, i agree that the stage kid obeying, then performing insincerely is a solid theory. Brilliant deduction! just adding on: perhaps the "floor" refers to the "soul" of the theater.. it sees plenty of other types of feet, but it's really all about the bare (Uncle Bobby) feet. that's the real reason the theater is around. (this interpretation reminds me of All the Rowboats!)

Question: does anyone know of a random situation where "The Floor" would refer to something other than just the ground beneath your feet in a structure?

For example, in gymnastics, it refers specifically to the foam-covered spring floor apparatus, rather than just the ground in any given spot ("next we'll see Nastia perform on the floor. She's been battling an injury this season...")

So yeah. perhaps this is also a term in other situations/settings, whether those situations are relevant to any of our current trains of thought or not... (does the floor refer to anything specific in theater terms?)

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