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I just wanna say that I think it's completely brilliant that Regina posts on here, even though somebody said she hasn't posted in years. Having a forum about soup makes this place more specail. If I wanted a corporate commodity with a traditionally board I'd listen to Nickelback.

But... of course.... in this day and age you have to be skeptical of everybody. Even the people who seem real are often fake. But no doubt that's got nothing to do with Regina, as we can obviously see.

Don't worry about me... I'm just a cynic.

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Originally posted by sonicanimal6:

Originally posted by Madbert:

Dead Kennedys said it best: "Soup Is Good Food". Wink

A DK reference? ...Um....You're awesome.

Thank You, much appreciated! Smiler

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In Holland, soup is like a snack your gran might make, or an apertiser (it's a perfect apetiser 'cause your mouth gets wet), or something for lunch to keep you going throughout the rest of the day. I like soup, my folks make it every saturday, it's one of the reasons I go home in the weekends (besides to do laundry and stuff)Big Grin

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We got this guy on the talkback radio here, Marcus Lush, and he did this series,on TV, where he rode around on our trains. He was down the bottom of the land and he bought a subway sandwich and made this great comment about how, no matter what you order, they always taste ( I can't remember exactly what the two tastes were but I'll try) like cheap basalmic vinegar and stale tomatoes.

One day I'll remember, or get the series on DVD, but the point is that home cooking is what it's all about. That said, if you can buy yer food from someones own kitchen, then it's basically the same thing. But tinned soup is a cry for help people.

Why h'aint (thats my word for hasn't and ain't joined together)aanybody talked about the muff head what left the soup out of the pretty pretty(double organic please!)were so neat package of carrot beet slushy meal.

Oh and Tom Robbins "Jitterbug perfume" is the best bunch of words ever on the humble beet. Well sugar beet anyways.

What a plonker for leavin' out the belly fillin', brain delightin', solid heart of the matter bit.

But our expectations always find a way of teaching us the little lessons we didn't know we was asking for. ah? (but that's ah when A sounds like it does in say; it's not ah like A when it's in far.)

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In January it's so nice

While slipping on the sliding ice

To sip hot chicken soup with rice

Sipping once, sipping twice

Sipping chicken soup with rice


In February it will be

My snowman's anniversary

With cake for him and soup for me!

Happy once, happy twice

Happy chicken soup with rice


In March the wind blows down the door

And spills my soup upon the floor

It laps it up and roars for more

Blowing once, blowing twice

Blowing chicken soup with rice


In April I will go away

To far off Spain or old Bombay

And dream about hot soup all day

Oh, my, oh, once, oh, my, oh, twice

Oh, my, oh, chicken soup with rice


In May I truly think it best

To be a robin lightly dressed

Concocting soup inside my nest

Mix it once, mix it twice

Mix that chicken soup with rice


In June I saw a charming group

Of roses all begin to droop

I pepped them up with chicken soup!

Sprinkle once, sprinkle twice

Sprinkle chicken soup with rice


In July I'll take a peep

Into the cool and fishy deep

Where chicken soup is selling cheap

Selling once, selling twice

Selling chicken soup with rice


In August it will be so hot

I will become a cooking pot

Cooking soup of course-why not?

Cooking once, cooking twice

Cooking chicken soup with rice


In September, for a while

I will ride a crocodile

Down the chicken soup-y Nile

Paddle once, paddle twice

Paddle chicken soup with rice


In October I'll be host

To witches, goblins and a ghost

I'll serve them chicken soup on toast

Whoopy once, whoopy twice

Whoopy chicken soup with rice


In November's gusty gale I will flop my flippy tail

And spout hot soup-I'll be a whale!

Spouting once, spouting twice

Spouting chicken soup with rice


In December I will be

A baubled, bangled Christmas tree

With soup bowls draped all over me

Merry once, merry twice

Merry chicken soup with rice

I told you once, I told you twice

All seasons of the year are nice

For eating chicken soup with rice

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