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Be like the water, people.

Ballad of a Politician

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I know this song's pretty new, so most of us haven't gotten really good ideas of what it means to us yet, but i'm curious of what everyone thinks of this song's meaning.. Particularly "you're gonna make us scream someday, you're gonna make it big". Is this a statement about how politicians are presented like celebrities?

What do you think?

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I need to sit down and give this song a good and complete listen. I have heard snippets of it...and I really love it so far....

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ooooh!! This song *really* moves me.

I think it's about how some people go into politics with great ideals, good intentions and aspirations of bringing about good change, but then once you get sucked into the machine there isn't much you can change. You try and get in the game because you wanna change it, but instead the game (politics is a game imo) changes you and you become just another marionette, in the game where men shake hands with men. you're a celebrity, making people scream, but you're really just the tool of the system "shake your ass baby".

(that line is so perfect, it's so disrespectful, except hiding beind the pretense of being flatter. just the way I think a politician must feel - deceived. you seem to be an important, powerful person, but really, you have so little power.)

as a politician, people think you're a star, but really you're just a "carefully laid plan".

oh such brilliant lyrics!

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I think I like Carefully Laid Plans as a better title. And I LOVE this song, the tune is so awesome! This is one of Reg's best songs!

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Can someone post the lyrics? Pretty please? *blushes*

All I have is a half-video with quite a bad sound.

After a first listening, I think that song's more mainstream and kind of Toryamosesque...

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Thanks Smiler

So, well ... I need to analyze, today, so there you go:

"A man inside a room is shaking hands with other men

This is how it happens

Our carefully laid plans"

We all shake hands with people. To me, the beginning of the song does not particularly evoke a politician's behavior but a human one. We are strategic and act to get somewhere. She says OUR carefully laid plans.

"Shake it, shake it baby

Shake your ass out in that street"

You act in a way that people will notice your presence. Think about Sarkozy and his wife.

"You're gonna make us scream someday

You're gonna make it big"

Politicians lead people to rebellion, revolution and polemic.

"You love so deep, so tender

Your people and your land

You love 'em 'til they can't recall

Who they are again"

Politicians' discourse is often about the love they feel towards their land and people. They repeat this so often than in the end they transform you into a sheep, a follower. People are brainwashed by politicians' "emotional" discourse.


"But I am not a number, not a name"

Well, can't be much clearer than this Smiler.

"But I am a carefully laid plan"

This idea of being part of some strategy is recurrent in Regina's work i.e. machine: i am part of a composite.

"You know that it won't last

You're gonna taste the ground real soon

You're gonna taste the grass"

Glory and success are ephemeral. Then, be prepared for the fall.

"Our world under command"

You can't be spontaneous anymore, you must always keep control. There is no freedom.

"You're gonna make us weak"

Logical consequence, evolution in the song.

What do you think?

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