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Louisville, KY Nov 19 2009

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Originally posted by fidelity377:

I'm leaving as soon as I get home in 9 hours!!

SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!

Big GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig GrinBig Grin

Have a blast Ricky! We'll be waiting to hear all about the highlights. If you get the privilege of seeing her, give her our love.


"Shake what you're mama gave you"

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i just got back.. it was amazing!!! wow, regina had a lot of energy.

I was really surprised when she played Sailor Song. It was realllyy amazing.

I think she pretended to forget the words when she got the Kentucky part as a joke. it was really funny/cute. I was screaming Kentucky haha and afterwords she said something about the people in the front row helping with the words but I couldn't really hear over the cheers.

I think Regina has gotten over her sickness too because she said she was like a vampire but in this city she really went outside for the first time and saw the light. And that louisville was "fucking awesome"

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Hey, were you sitting in the front row? I think you were wearing a black shirt and jeans, was that you? I thought it was the whole time.

But anyways...

I just got home! It was the best night of my life! I had a blast, Regina was so amazing and cute!! She is so little, and she has a huge smile! I want to take her smile and put it in my pocket. haha. Smiler

We left the house at 3:10, got to Louisville at 5:25, we parked and went in this resteraunt across the street. There were Reg fans in there!! It was awesome. We walked over to get in line at 6:30, we were the first ones!! They let us in at about 7:20. We stood inside the foyer for about 45 minutes, and I got "Songs"! I've been wanting it forever, I always get outbid on eBay, haha.

So we went in and sat down, we were a good 8-10 feet from her piano, I almost died. Jupiter One came on, they were actually really good! K is crazy! LOL! They played like 8 songs, I think? Idk, but they got off the stage, packed all their stuff up, and about 15-20 minutes later Regina walked on the stage!!! I was ecstatic!!! I started trembling, and I almost pissed myself! LOL. Anyway, here was the setlist, from my memory, so it may not be in order:

The Calculation


Folding Chair

Ode To Divorce

Machine (Band Intro)

Laughing With

One More Time w/Feeling

Blue Lips

On The Radio

Dance Anthem Of The 80's

Silly Eye Color Generalizations

Bobbin' For Apples

That Time

Apres Moi

Poor Little Rich Boy

Man Of A Thousand Faces





Sailor Song! Big Grin

Hotel Song

Love You're A Whore

Regina did amazing! She messed up a few times though, haha, she is so damn adorable! She forgot the words to Bobbin For Apples, Poor Little Rich Boy, and Sailor Song!

And I recorded all of them!! Yay!

The security guards watched me from the time I sat down until I got up and left. Ugh..

I managed to get full recordings of:

Dance Anthem Of The 80's

Silly Eye Color Generalizations

Bobbin For Apples

That Time

Poor Little Rich Boy

Man Of A Thousand Faces



And a video of Sailor Song , she asked the audience for help. LOL. I fell even more in love with her after seeing her tonight, she is just a doll. I can't wait to see her again! After the show, me and my mom asked this guy if Reg is going to be staying after, and he said "She's going to cool down for a while, and then she is leaving because she isn't feeling well."

So, I didn't get to meet her, but hopefully one day soon, I will. Wink

Here are some pictures I got:





I'll try to get the recordings up tomorrow, I am exhausted, I've been up for 22 hours, so goodnight stixers.


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