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What songs would you like regina to perform on this tour?

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OK. I don't want to wish for impossible songs and get disappointed. But songs I would like to hear live that she actually might play:

Silly-eye colour

Human of the Year ( I shouted this one out when I saw her this summer, but she didn't play it. and it has always been one of my faves)

Riot Gear

Left Hand Song

Ink Stains

More impossible, but not totally:

Happy Hooker!

Small town moon

Ne Me Quitte Pas



In a dream world:

Daniel Cowman





Lady! (saxophone...?)

Pound of Flesh


Woolen gloves

Patron saint


Your Honor ( probably she would want to find some guitarists and so on...)

oh well. maybe next tour...?

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ahh, i'm seeing her in two weeks in seattle, and i will do everything in my power to somehow get her to play loveology... i could seriously die happen after that..

dog and pony, 8th floor, all the stellar old stuff would be fabulous. hmmmSmiler)

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I've noticed that Loveology seems to be one of her favorites among fans. If she only knew...Smiler Maybe someone could give her a hint, she might do something with the song then,maybe she doesn't know that Loveology is sooooooooo good. Big Grin

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My perfect set list would be...

1. The Calculation

2. Scarecrow and Fungus

3. The Call

4. Bobbing for Apples

5. Reading Time With Pickle

6. Braille

7. Love Affair

8. Ne Me Quitte Pas

9. Dance Anthem of the 80's

10. Reginasaurus

11. Loveology

12. All the Rowboats

13. Small Town Moon

14. Pound of Flesh

15. That Time

16. Hero and Bartender

17. Musicbox

18. Machine

19. Apres' Moi

20. Hotel Song


21. Samson

22. On the Radio

23. Blue Lips

24. Man of a Thousand Faces

24. Fidelity

25. Love, You're A Whore

The reason I would do this is I would get to hear a little bit of everything Big Grin

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