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Adam Watson

Folding Chair music video

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I really like your idea. That's kinda how I imagined it. Minus the dancers. But that makes sense and it would be really fun. I hope they pick you if this becomes a single!

and I would also be very disappointed if the dolphin noises were taken out...

Originally posted by Reginaoverdose:

IT IS DONE REALLY WELL Smiler You should check it out.

Wow! I hadn't seen that until now. That was really great!

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Very nice job, Adam! I like the concept very much, I like the dancers. I think a kind of retro Beach Blanket Bingo thing(God I'm aging myself there!) is a great idea, only Spektorized, of course.

The only reason I don't think Regina would do the beach thing would be because, I can't imagine her getting into a bathing suit, never mind dancing around in one!

Lord knows I'd die a happy man if she did.

But, alas she seems too shy and has always been remiss to "cash in," on her looks.

I betcha' her record label would love the idea though!!

I betcha' they've been trying for years to get her to do something along those lines.

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