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your favorite new music?

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I think I bought more CDs in 2009 than in any other year. It's hard to think of specific songs to recommend from those many albums, but here are a few that stand out in my mind. For added interest, I've put my favorite lines/a link to a video/an interesting fact for each song in a second list underneath the first:

1. Lorna Zauberberg - Mike Doughty
2. Pleasure on Credit - Mike Doughty
3. Hotel Plaster - Nicole Atkins (sorry Jamie, I know this one is yours, and I'm blatantly stealing it because I love it too)
4. New Year's Day - The Bad Plus w/ Wendy Lewis
5. You Are - The Bad Plus
6. Miss Disregard - Lake Street Dive
7. Elijah - Lake Street Dive


We're ill at ease in the house of lesser than,

And at breakfast we get by on charm alone.

The sun beats down on immaculate beige carpets,

And the plank of spoons bounce off the off-white wall.

I flipped through the music that you left,

Some old cassettes that lean against the wall.

I ate all the peaches off the shelf,

And I rearranged the cans into a poem.

Vicious mobs of candy-ravers stalk the night,

And Methadone-ians sleep right where they stand,

A weeping tranny is craddling a steak knife,,

And you're happily slugging Rob Roys with your man...


Get sad but, don't get glum,

Don't sleep sipping on the laudanum.

Slutty fat girls in wedges -

John Paul Jones, bustle in the hedge.

Late night, Cold rock thriller,

Roll up the world like a pillar.

My fluid is spinal-

Yes I'm better-Yes that's final,

Can not prove, nor can not jerk,

Mellow man and men at work,

Got the best of the new of the next generation.

Get together like a unification.

Well I'm a coaster you're a flume-

Yes, I blossom, yes, I bloom.

Get wide, because I'm spacious,

Got words, but not loquacious.

3. (Video by dentistgirl, though I was standing right next to her and recorded audio for the whole show if anyone is interested in that Smiler)


5. This song isn't coming out for a while, but I saw it at The Bowery Ballroom in January and it was amazing, so I'm counting it as 2009. There's an ok youtube video of it too:

6. I'm so happy LSD is putting videos on Youtube of their new stuff. God they're awesome.

7. Live from a porch in Brooklyn, how could it get any better than this -

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2009 has been a true banner year for my music purchasing. Pretty unbelievable from beginning to end.

Bat for Lashes - Two Suns

Tori Amos - Abnormally Attracted to Sin

IAMX - Kingdom of Welcome Addiction

Muse - The Resistance

Brandi Carlile - Give up the Ghost

Charlotte Martin - Darkest Hour(single)

Imogen Heap - Ellipse

Regina - Far

Sarah Fimm - Red Yellow Sun

Tori Amos - Midwinter Graces

and those are just 2009 releases. I've bought a heck of a lot of other older albums as well.

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Originally posted by Karl Projektorinski:

What Beats Within - Jenny Owen Youngs

I agree x 1,000,000,000

Surprise, Suprise- Emy Reynolds

Vertigo- Anya Marina

All of Us- Katy Gunn

Cry, Cry, Cry & Call Me the Witch- Nicole Atkins

The Next Time Around, Brand New Start, Unattainable, Shoulder to Shoulder How to Hang a Warhol, Don't Watch Me Dancing- Little Joy

Everything from Give Up the Ghost- Brandi Carlile.

Most everything from Everybody- Ingrid Michaelson

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Originally posted by Dominic:

sleepyhead - passion pit

ehh lupe fiasco too. he is an awesssomme rapper check him out. checkitcheckitcheckittoutttt.

Passion pit rulessss!

some more new stuff

Amanda Palmer- Whats the use of wonderin

St. Vincent- Marry Me

Faded paper figures- North by North

Jenny Owen Youngs- Clean break

The Sounds- Song with a mission

Alice in videoland- wrapped

Angus and Julia Stone- Just a boy

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some new favorites.

hmm Amanda Palmer, all of her work. i love it.

I've liked Regina since February so not so new.

Company of Thieves

Charlotte Martin

St. VIncent

Ani Difranco

Tegan and Sara

Bat for Lashes

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Originally posted by Dominic:

Originally posted by Dynamo_girl:

It's nice to see some Yeah Yeah Yeahs fans in here.Smiler

Karen O is a ledge.


And at this we have to add 'Where the Wild Things Are' soundtrack.

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