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So, religion aside:

1] Nothing is warmer/cozier/fluffyfuckingfuzzier than the xmas [pronounced ex-mas] season

2] Anytime anybody starts playing holiday music, or displaying holiday decor BEFORE Thanksgiving, my EyesEarsNose&Throat want to bleed in equal parts rage and horror.

I mean, take it at a freakin pace! My "holiday season" begins in mid/late October with the nationally-mutual awesome-fest of Halloween, it then proceeds through November with the typical cozy Autumn festivities that eventually lead to Thanksgiving, and then is topped off with through December with the whole xmas/holiday cheer crap.

One month at a time, baby.

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So! this thread is sounding jolly! Razzer

i'm scared that christmas will feel different this year! idk if i'll be up at 5 am to open all of my e-bay gifts, or if.. idk. i don't wanna grow up /that/ much! ugh. okay.. also, there's just something about christmas that i love so much!

i get this feeling in my throat, like when we pull out the christmas tree, and drinking egg nogg in our too-cold kitchen in my pajama pants at 7:00 a.m. after an excited tearing of wrapping paper, showering parents in hugs and kisses (while they're still in the bed and feigning excitement at 5:30)

then there's just that "happy winter".. so different from the rest of the long, snowy winter in Ohio for me. i'm allergic to cold, and i break out in itchy hives when my skin gets too chilly. Christmas has a different scent than stinky winter. It's festive and understated, but it's pleasant, and deep. Ginger, cinnamon, pine, and something less... assigned. i try not to think about it. it's like a magic trick: most of the fun is not knowing. Smiler

OH! And christmas sermon!! The church is always packed to the brim, and my pastor always has a different aspect of the nativity story to focus on; last year he skipped christmas sermon altogether to continue a series he was preaching. i actually respect him a lot for that-some people weren't happy about it.

all-in-all... christmas is always better once i've had a year to mentally clear out all the crap that happens year-to-year. It's a good time to appreciate that you have the anual... thing that's always been constant, even when your parents were fighting, or your best friend thought you stole her boyfriend, or your uncle was sick.

Maybe this year i'll try to focus on the spiritual aspects of it..

too long, once again.

Do people bother to read my posts anymore? Just out of curiosity. I totally understand if not haha i ramble, and i know sometimes it's just not worth it. Smiler


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Despite my rage at xmas starting a month early, I'm drinking egg nog right now. Mother of god it is good.

Originally posted by .:

starting tomorrow, santa is going to being his regular appearances at the mall that i work at. what the crap is that about.

Douche [The Santa]

Originally posted by .:

i used to be a jesus freak. hehe.


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*breaks into rap*

"i saw a man with a tat

on his big, fat belly

it wiggled around

like marmalade jelly

it took me a while

to catch what it said

cause i had to match

the rhythm of his belly

with my head


is what it raved

in a typical tattoo green

he stood on a box

in the middle of the city

and he claimed

he had a dreeeaaam..."

sorry. that song pops into my head every time i hear "jesus freak". Big Grin (not a bad thing!)

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