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My two reg concerts were my big early christmas presents, the nine hour trip to missouri to see Reg last month totaled about 800$ in expenses for hotel nights and everything, food, gas, and all that. The Dallas show too, costed some cash.

But I still got some nice things this morning! A really nice comfy Robe, some gum, fuzzy slippers that are Oklahoma State Cowboys themed! And some other cool stuff! I am also getting a keyboard tommorow! So I can learn some Regina on keyboard like on my guitar! I may post some videos of me playing if I have the guts, and if I get something to use as a video camera other than my phone.

Hope you all had a nice christmas! Smiler

So I have gotten some pretty kick ass presents if you ask me!

Anybody else get anything cool?

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I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas! Big Grin

Sorry I'm a little late!

This was the best Christmas I ever had. I seen my idol, Regina Spektor! Wow! Best day of my life. I thought that magical day would never come. Smiler

I also got an awesome keyboard stand for Christmas!

& a bunch of Regina and Tori Amos stuff!

& I got a magazine with Regina on the front cover, and a piano book with the music for Fidelity! Which I can't read, but I still sit it on my keyboard and act like I can. haha Wink

I also got a lot of Tori Amos albums, and a Regina poster. That's about it.

I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas! Smiler

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My best friend is the best (obviously!!!) she got me a whole bunch of stuff from Russia including a set of handpainted matryoshka magnets. So pretty! I'll have to post pics.

Happy Christmas Eve to my Brumstix. Love you guys!

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