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Mental Images during songs.

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I've come across some pictures which truly remind me of certain lines of certain songs Smiler


"They sing, raindrops fallin’ on my head

But that doesn’t mean that I am dead"


"A man walks out of his apartment, it is raining... he’s got no umbrella"


"But I am not a number, not a name

But I am

But I am

But I am a carefully laid plan"

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Wow, what an awesome thread to start.

I always find myself, usually while traveling, relaxing, eyes closed, iPod is filtering my regina to my ears... and I have the most wonderful day dreams and thoughts and fall more in love with our beautiful hero.

which brings me to the song that I have never been able to make it through without crying:: Human of the Year.

Seriously, the amazingness of this song catches me off guard every time (and you should have seen me at her concert!!)

The song starts, and I 'see' regina, whispering to an empty cathedral. It's HUGE and DARK.

"Hello, hello Calling a Karl Projektorinski to the front Of the cathedral, you have won"


It's an honor for Karl Projektorinski to come up to the front, he's a man in his twenties, attractive but not stunning, he looks bewildered. But it's just him. The cathedral is empty.

"You stand there shaking in your pew The icons are whispering to you They're just old men"

The icons (priests) then come out from the shadows of the stage area of the church. And of course their bald spots glisten like little halos. They are mouthing words, but nothing is coming out.

Our HotY however is nervous and shaking... I don't think he even knows why he is there receiving this honor.

THEN my little camera zooms outside. And while the cathedral is empty, the entire world is celebrating. The cars are all lined up, flashing headlights and honking out the tune of the song.

"Outside the cars are beepin'

Out a song just in your honor"


People are cheering and holding hands

All mankind are now your brothers


and everyone is singing.

Well Regina is singing.

Back in the cathedral. In the end, Regina repeats "hello? hello?" like, you're the human of the year, don't you understand?" Karl is standing there a little dazed, he didn't realize the commotion going on outside. It's a little eerie.. but like I said, I believe it is the most beautiful song.... I <3 regina......... Smiler

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^^ i love that! i have similar reactions to that song. but my mental-image cathedral always bears a striking resemblance to Santa Felicita in Florence...


bad quality, i know- but i had to take a picture because as soon as i walked in Human of the Year started playing in my head...

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yeah, i went in to see a famous Pontormo painting...and was basically floored. i mean- the lighting, the emptiness, the rounded arches...

its like it was copied straight out of my imagination into real life.

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I love reading everyone's mental images. Keep them coming Big Grin

This is my visual image of Human of The Year:


The cathedral is standing in between urban buildings, on a large and busy square in some city.

Karl Projektorinski steps out of the cathedral which he visits every week to pray and feel at peace. He then gets approached by this Regina person, announcing he's won the title 'Human of the year'... And while all the people on this busy square keep walking past him and live their lives, it seems like a world is opening up before him, 'the icons' which in my mind look like some old monks or something, knowingly smile to him from the bench they're sitting on across the street, and all of a sudden he sees the square is filled with thousands of cars beeping for him...

It's a surreal event, like in some way it's really happening and in some way it's not. Because when the song ends the Regina person will have suddenly disappeared, cars are driving around like they normally do and the icons on the bench seem to be just two ordinary old men... but something inside of Karl has changed.

I love this song sooo much.

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@ good > perfect: that picture is frighteningly similar to what I see in my mind during HotY. Only in my mind its really smoky, like there's a lot of incense burning and the light swirls through the smoke. kind of like this:


Does burning incense happen in cathedrals? I'm Jewish, i don't know these things.

Also, @Apres moi, I think its interesting that you see Karl as being in his 20s, I always saw him as in his 40s. And he's very cold and wearing a huge jacket.

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Oh yes, I don't know why, but I always assumed he was young Smiler

and that cathedral = YES exactly what I was thinking, dark and big and mysterious.

even though the song mentions old men in the park, i can't picture the 'icons' outside of the cathedral. almost like they are stuck there in the shadows, whispering. i think regina is just trying to make him feel more comfortable...


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