20 Years of Snow

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allmysteriousandgiddy, I really love that interpretation!

However, my feelings are different concerning the end.

"But I got to get me out of here"

The girl wants to escape from this "snow globe". She realizes that it's not a safe place. If she stays here, she will never meet good persons, only old men who don't want to have harmonious relationships.

"While you, Stare at your boots.."

This is the girl who speaks. The "you" refers to the teenage boy. I think he loves her and wants to help her to escape from this snow globe ("stare at your boots"), he wants to start a relationship with her. I think she loves him but she is scared. Indeed, his father fell in love and now he is a wounded animal.. She hears the old men and the boy and she doesn't know who to choose.

Anyway, now I have two interpretations for one song. Thanks! Smiler

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She's trying to get out of wherever she is, staring down at her boots. The words flying out like holograms are the dirty old men talking to her trying to get her attention. They're saying to her "feel the waltz" and forcing her to dance with them and they possibly rape her. The end with "uh uh uhh uhhh uhhh uhhhhhhh..." is probably her being raped and losing her innocence. She is no longer "clean".

That ending made me really sad. WAY TO MAKE ME CRY BRO

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