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Originally posted by rainna:

Mm, Henry, your thoughts are like straight from my head! I can't stand you having this similar views with me and living in another continent! I wish I had someone like you right here among my friends to be boring with me while everyone else is having a good time with their booze. Please move to Helsinki? Big Grin

In addition to my previous post: it's also horrible when people think I look down on them because they drink and I don't. I would never look down on anyone for such a reason! It's just a choice, not a definitive feature. I choose not to drink, but I don't think I'm better than anybody because of it. But people easily get pissed when they think someone is "above" them. I guess I'm not helping it, either. People sometimes misinterpret, they think that I'm not "participating" because I think I'm better than them. Even though it's often vice versa.

I would love to see Helsinki some day! One of my goals is to extensively travel the entirety of Europe and sample a little of everything its wonderful worlds have to offer. All I need is the money! ...Give me a few years.

I've also been accused of looking down on people who drink, which couldn't be farther from the truth. I think I need to wear an elaborate nametag that explains both my antisocial nature and respect for drinkers in really small handwriting.

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