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Red lentil soup

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This is very delicious and good for you!!!

For Two people, or a very hungry one person:

6 cups of chicken broth (or water if you're broke like me)

1/2 cup of red lentils

2 carrots

1 large russet potato

1/4 onions

Bring the water/chicken broth to a boil, and then add red lentils. Immeadiately after adding the lentils turn the heat on the stove down to medium. Stir a little. While that cooks, peel the potato and dice it up into really small bits, or shred it with a cheese-shredder if you have one. Add the potato shreds/bits to the soup, stir. While that is cooking, peel and dice up the carrots into small pieces. Add this to the soup and stir.

Now, saute the onions in a frying pan with olive oil. once they are toasty but not too brown, add them and the leftover olive oil to the soup. Stir the soup and then add pepper or salt or whatever you like. Taste it until you think it's ready, by the time you add the onions it should be almost done.

This is a great soup! When I have some extra money, I like to add chicken or turkey to it. It is really versatile so you can experiment with different ingredients and such. Red lentils rule!!

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