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lucifer always wins. it's my catch phrase.

i yell it to the christians on the time square

subway transfer. my name is written in the book of life: chris cavalari - lucifer.

let him in, things will be better.

i have an old copy of anton levays satanic bible somewhere upstate, paperback, bought new.

the worst things it said was that if you wanna cast spells on people you hate, go ahead. if you wanna use animal sacrifices for said rituals, you should eat them too. and that people shouldn't do any violence to each other; cast spells, that's more effective. to me, when i read it, it seemed, and still does, that i wished more people would read this book, than the holy bible, which often points out that god kills people outright, and also helps people kill other people, when the moment suits him.

just thought that the one fantasy book that's often taken seriously would cause less damage than the other. but either way, lucifer always wins.

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