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Bonnaroo 2010

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Originally posted by Roth Welles:

the embedded flashplayer on the youtube channel doesn't allow the above Firefox addon to work. Another tool (external software ?) needed.

What I do is monitor all newly opened external TCP streams owned by the browser's process, and when I see one that doesn't stop after a few seconds, I just keep all of the data transferred over it. This is obviously susceptible to false positives, but I can just delete the stuff I don't want after I've gotten the stuff I do.

It basically always works as long as I'm there to babysit it, but my attempts at automation have been hit or miss. It's worked for many things, like the Barnes & Noble show and her series of online-radio appearances from the Far release, but it fell on its face a few times too, like when she played the white house...

Unfortunately I haven't gotten around to writing any sort of user interface yet, and even if I do, I (legally) have to give the company I work for first dibs on the software before I can distribute it myself. It does seem like something people might want, though, so I may eventually polish it up and give it a try.

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The sound quality is much better on the NPR feed so, for Norah, at least, that's what I am recording.

and by the way, she looks great, sounds even better and is doing things I haven't heard her do before, including a Neil Young cover and using a guitar, rather than a piano for Come Away With me. Simply great.

The amount of talent on this stage in the next two days is incalculable.

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