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Gaga and Spektor

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Interesting thread, reminds me of this blog-song by amanda palmer called "gaga palmer madonna". While I understand why parallels are made between regina and gaga, in my mind they're completely separate entities. The way I see it (and this is my opinion, you may disagree) is the comparison is similar to the regina-tori amos comparison except less credible. They are both talented female singers who play the piano. But other than that they have pretty much nothing in common. Also, I don't remember who said it and please don't be offended, but I'm tired of people who say that lady gaga is a more credible artist because she writes her own music. It's sad that the way things are right now its shocking and surprising when a solo performer actually writes their own material.

I thought about Amanda's blog song the minute I saw the title of this thread. I'm glad it has been brought up. Smiler And I pretty much agree with the rest of Karl's post, too. There's a line in the song saying "If someone talented wants to make pop music why should we worry when there's so much othe shit wrong". I think that's well said. Some people find it very annoying that artist like Gaga even exist, but it's hard for me to see why. Music is a very subjective thing. If someone loves Gaga and gets real feelings from her music, it's just wonderful. I don't feel like that about her, but I have my own great artist, like Reg, so I have absolutely nothig to worry about.

Why compare when we can have it all? Many people have said that there's really no point in comparing Gaga and Reg when they're so different. I feel quite the same way about all the coparative discussions. I'm definitely not saying that people shouldn't make these threads or anything like that, don't get me wrong! If people enjoy comparing, it's totally okay by me. But for me, personally, it's not that interesting. Art is not something you can count or tabulate. Art is art! We can say that Gaga has sold amount x of records and Reg amount y. There's a comparison and we can say that Gaga sells better. Has it anything to do with the feelings we get from their music, the music itself, the love we feel for the music? I don't think so. Art, in this case music, is so much more than analysing the pros and cons. Of course we can discuss about the things we like and dislike about each of them, but evetually, it's impossible to say which one is better or more valuable as artist.

Personally, I don't like Lady Gaga's music and I love Regina's. It's not just the songs, it's also the atmosphere and the values. That doesen't make Regina a better artist than Gaga, just very different. In Finland we have a proverb, "Antaa kaikkien kukkien kukkia", which translates roughly to "Let's let every flower blossom" (I have no idea if there's an English equivalent existing, this is just my rough translation). In this case it fits quite well with what I think. As long as there's no harm done, everyone should do their own thing and blossom. I find it fantastic that there is such a variety of artist in this wide world.

Hee, long time no writing in English! Big Grin I hope you get the point despite my quirky use of language. I'll really have to start writing more frequenly so that my English won't become all rusty. I love the fact that here in the Stix there are real DISCUSSIONS about things. It's cool. That's why this post is so long.

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I love Lady Gaga, I like how she is different and all that. She has a lot of talent and I like her songs. But you can't compare her to Regina, you just can't.

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What makes them so hard to compare is that whereas with Regina it's basically all about the music, Gaga is really a performer so for her the combination of theatrics, fashion and music is what makes her an artist. That's a very different thing. Both are very talented in what they do but it just isn't the same.

I have a lot of respect for Gaga because she really works her ass off, I may not like all of her music (there are some good songs though) but I certainly enjoy her videos/performances/interviews/crazy outfits. She is a woman with a vision and also very inspirational, I mean if you want to wear a huge glittery lobster on your head you fucking can, haha.

But that doesn't change the fact that I thing Regina's music is some of the best in the whole damn world.

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Originally posted by Brady:

I love Lady Gaga, I like how she is different and all that. She has a lot of talent and I like her songs. But you can't compare her to Regina, you just can't.

I agree. I love Lady Gaga, I'm not ashamed of it. But comparing her to Regina is not feasible. You have to have some common ground and though looking quite hard, I can't find any.

It's not either or, you can like both or dislike both. With the "who is better/worse" predicament: that is impossible to establish since both are engaged in different genres and are overall too different.

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OMG hahahaha saw this and right away thought of the pictures taken of Regina when she sings "Ain't No Cover" Big Grin You could SOOO trade the body and it would be regina!

I fuckin love GaGa!

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