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Benefit for Haiti on March 23, 2010

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1080P streaming videos are done, they've replaced the ones that were previously embedded, so you should just be able to select 1080p now when you play them on the page. Alternatively, you can watch the playlist on youtube here.

Originally posted by jpscool4u:

How come the 1080p one's on RSO are .wmv if you did an MP4 encode? I always thought H.264 and x264 were way better codecs than WMV, sort of like the "best bang for the buck" (best quality for the bitrate)

The VC-1 Advanced codec is my personal favorite. As a developer, I find this codec more predicable and easier to work with and get the results I want. A lot of people seem to not like it simply because Microsoft made it. I do not take that position.

H.264 is a good codec, but I don't like working with it. It crashes on me from time to time and is a pain to debug. It may be possible to get a better quality:bitrate ratio with it in some circumstances, but the VC-1 Advanced WMV codec is much easier to use and results in extreme high quality, in my opinion, even if the files are slightly larger.

Ultimately the file size and quality differences are basically negligible and it's a matter of personal preference.

Now, as for why the download links are WMV and the YouTube videos are H.264... The WMV files were rendered using multi-pass dynamic unconstrained VBR encoding with all the bells and whistles like Full True Chroma and Adaptive Motion Matching to make the best quality files possible, whereas the H.264 files were done in a single-pass with a constant bitrate so that they would be done quickly and YouTube would handle the files better.

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