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Benefit for Haiti on March 23, 2010

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Originally posted by LightBlueGrass:

That's what i said but he said that if they don't they wont be allowed in..

If you don't dress like a child and you're with some people who are obviously adults (like the big group of stixers who will be at the head of the line), I doubt you'd have a problem.

The afterparty for the Radio City show was at a bar with free cocktails, obviously 21+, and two people under 21 walked right in with me, without checking any of our IDs. All they did was check that my name was on the list with enough tickets.

If they do try to check your ID, just tell them you forgot it, but you have a ticket and you're obviously over 16 so what's the big deal?

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This is during my spring break! i just got a ticket. so overjoyed! I thought i wouldn't be able to see her at all this tour. (although i guess she is done with the US tour). I'll have all day to wait in line Smiler

LightBlueGrass, since its 16+ and not 18+ or something, i really don't think they can expect you to have an ID. just go in with a group of us and you should be fine.

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