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Regina Spektor - Producer

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Originally posted by Be like the water, people.:

^^Ah, but he worked wonders for time is all around, genius, and human of the year, if i'm not mistaken. I think it's regina who "messed up" OMTWF, considering there's not a producer alive who could change reg's mind about a song so drastically, IMHO. WinkRazzer

Genius Next Door was one of the Jeff Lynne produced songs, but point well taken, because I think Human of the Year is absolutely perfect and David Kahne did an awesome job with it.

And since Regina was co-producer of all of these songs, there is no doubt in my mind that she had creative control over the final product, and I'm sure it was a joint decision to make One MOre Time with Feeling more poppy on the album.

I remember when far first came out I read an interview in which someone asked Regina if she co-wrote any of the songs with the producers and she said no, and in fact one of them suggested a lyric change which she "politely and lovingly refused." Smiler She knows what she's doing.

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Comparing her songs live from studio has always been apples and oranges to me. I have to have both. Her live performances of any of her songs are always undeniably great. Those versions usually have more emotion and more power in her voice, reaction from the audience, and of course you get to visually see her do the song. (the best part). I love the studio versions too because sometimes I like to hear her voice and the music in a quiet setting where you can hear everything clear and crisp. Her voice is so sweet that way. Nothing gets lost in echo of an auditorium or in the crowd. I've never seen it as picking one or the other.

It's more common to hear an artist's music first on a record and then in concert. And then you're either saying, 'boy they are bad live', or 'wow that sounded just like the record'. But with Regina, most of her stuff is heard live first. That just does a whole weird twisty thing in peoples heads than what we're used to. She's 'out of the box' Smiler. I love the confusion. Smiler

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