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The Church of Regina

They have the commandments of reginaism!

The Basic Principles of the Church of Regina

- Thou shalt attempt to spread the love

- Thou shalt not speak ill of her holiness

- Thou shalt burst into song whenever one of Regina's lyrics interrupt ones thoughts

- We must accept the fact that some aren't as blessed as we are, and will never understand her awesome epicness

- When in doubt, Google the lyrics

- If you ever happen across Regina, kneel down on one knee before her, say "My Leige, I too, am aching to pupate."

- Go ahead and illegally download her songs.. Just buy the CD as well

- Don't act like a condescending douche when people tell you that she "sucks". Realize that they are fools, and politley, and calmly, walk away.

hahahaha Big Grin

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No i don't, some mystery regina lover!

This pic of Michael Cera is becomming an internet meme and someone made it regina related. Prance anthem of the 80's hahaha


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