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Any good new female vocalists?

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Originally posted by mooebon:

Originally posted by makingstuffup:

Laura Marling. <3

I love Laura Marling. Have seen her twice!! What a voice ...

sure Smiler seen here once too. ( btw, she's been nominated twice in a row to Mercury Prize, not bad ).

If you like her, then check Christina Antipa ( ); she has very cousin tones of vocals on some songs - it may be more obvious on her last album than on the player- , softer than Laura perhaps. But that really striked me, as if they would be sisters, even if really distinctive voices.

About relatively unknwon very good singer /songwriter /vocalist you should have a listening to Lissie if you don't know her.

And to Erin Austin from Ok Sweetheart( Probably none of Brumstixers knows her. But you should.

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