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Announcement about DVD :)

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Update from Regina's MySpace blog:

Regina Spektor to Release First Concert Film/ Live CD


LIVE IN LONDON, the first live recording and concert film from acclaimed artist Regina Spektor, will be released November 22nd on Sire / Warner Bros Records. Captured mainly at London’s famed Hammersmith Apollo Theatre, LIVE IN LONDON features 23 remarkable performances that span Spektor’s brilliant catalog of music, including three new songs that have only been performed live. LIVE IN LONDON was recorded during Regina’s UK tour in support of latest album, far, which debuted at #3 on the Billboard Top 200.

For the first time, fans can see Regina up close as she performs fan favorites like Us, Fidelity, Samson and Eet, along with backstage footage, inside peaks at sound check and more. LIVE IN LONDON is a captivating 64-minute concert film directed by Adria Petty.

An artist praised for her remarkable originality, inspired storytelling and enthralling performances, Rolling Stone raves Spektor “put on one of the most intensely joyful rock shows we’ve seen all year.” The Philadelphia Inquirer adds, “Everything she did was greeted with thunderous applause … the audience could not get enough. Perhaps what was most remarkable about Regina’s performance, aside from hearing Spektor’s gorgeous vocals in person, was her ability to enrapture the crowd … Spektor’s passion, vitality and sheer musical talent transformed the Electric Factory into a world of intimacy.” The Boston Globe simply says, “multitalented Spektor is capable of anything and it shows on stage”

LIVE IN LONDON is dedicated to Regina’s cellist and band leader Daniel Cho, who tragically passed away this summer.

LIVE IN LONDON will be offered in DVD+CD, Blu-ray+CD, Vinyl and Digital formats and available for pre-order October 14th via


** Indicates new recordings

1. On The Radio

2. Eet

3. Folding Chair

4. Sailor Song

5. Blue Lips

6. Après Moi

7. Dance Anthem of the 80’s

8. Silly Eye Color Generalizations **

9. Bobbing For Apples **

10. Wallet

11. Ode To Divorce

12. That Time

13. The Calculation

14. Machine

15. Laughing With

16. Man Of A Thousand Faces

17. Hotel Song

18. Us

19. Fidelity

20. Samson

21. The Call

22. Love You’re A Whore **

DVD, Blu-Ray, Digital Video:

1. Introduction (November Rain)

2. On The Radio

3. Eet

4. Laughing With

5. Folding Chair

6. Après Moi

7. Blue Lips

8. Machine

9. Dance Anthem of the 80's

10. Silly Eye-Color Generalizations

11. Wallet

12. The Calculation

13. Man of a Thousand Faces

14. That Time

15. Hotel Song

16. Sailor Song

17. Us

18. Fidelity

19. Samson

20. Credits

Bonus Material:

1. Bobbing for Apples

2. Ode to Divorce

3. The Call

4. Love, You're a Whore

5. Soundcheck

6. To Daniel Cho

For more information, please contact Steven Trachtenbroit at Big Hassle Media


Live in London Cover: regina_softpak_hires.jpg

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*faints* aaah, I wish I had a blu-ray player, Regina in super crisp HD *faints again*

I'm pre-ordering my CD+DVD copy right on the 14th!

I hope however, that that "hi res" cover art is not the actual cover because it's horrid, it looks extremely unprofessional and the photo is a big no no for me

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FWIW I love the cover. I guess we can disagree sometimes.

There is not one note here that I have not heard and preserved live. Nonetheless, I will have to be sedated between now and then since I cannot wait until these thing is in my grubby little hands.

If you were as old as me, the phrase "November 22" would send chills up your spine the way "9/11" does. I have not looked forward to that date since it first came up as an anniversary in 1964 (there's a hint). This year it will be different.

Next year, I will dread the date again.

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I'm so excited! I don't know if I should pre-order it or wait to see if someone will buy it for me for Christmas. lol.

I agree about the cover. That can't be right.. It kind of looks like they slapped it together just for the announcement.. It's mostly the quality of the picture. I don't absolutely hate the picture itself, but there are better live photos of Regina they could have chosen. Maybe they kept it to this show only and there were only so many photos? :\

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I'm really excited about this... "Silly Eye Color Generalizations" and "Love, You're a Whore" getting their first official versions is pretty exciting (Bobbin' for Apples was released on Live at Lollapalooza).

Will this contain footage other than the concert itself? I'm a little unclear about that...

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